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Simona LazeuDec 14, 20235 min read

Year-end special: Linkfire's 2023 year in review

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're excited to revisit a year of growth and innovation at Linkfire. In our '2023 Year in Review,' we'll explore our noteworthy product updates and share key insights from the world of entertainment marketing. Additionally, we're peering into 2024 to predict the trends that will continue to shape our industry.

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A year when exceptional customer care mirrored industry achievements

As 2023 draws to a close, our dedication to customer satisfaction has truly stood out, with a remarkable satisfaction score consistently above 92%. 

This year has been about strengthening our bonds with customers, and tailoring our support to their unique challenges and successes. Inspiring case studies and engaging discussions with industry leaders like Warner Records, artists like William Prince from Six Shooter, Elizabeth Cregan and Trella have provided us with valuable insights into music, data, and the driving trends of their passion.

Impressive stats that speak for themselves include over 1.6 billion link visits, 42 million streams tracked and attributed, 2.2 million links created, and 5.8 million pre-saves.

Moreover, our platform has been the go-to choice for high-profile artists and brands: 

In addition to these renowned names, our product has been the tool of choice for tens of thousands of creators and musicians like Loreen, Humble, Victoria Monet and Natalie Jane.


2023 Recap: The evolution of Linkfire's products and service

Our commitment to enhancing user experience and adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape has led to a series of exciting product improvements. Here’s a glance at how we've elevated our offerings this year:

Link in bio Linkfire


Hello smarter bio links

We’ve rolled out some amazing updates to make your bio links even better. Now, you get in-depth analytics that let you see how fans interact with all the different parts of your bio linklike videos, merch, tickets, and more. Plus, we've introduced some handy customization options. You can now add titles to better organize your content and more header options to make your bio link uniquely yours.


YouTube Music presave Linkfire


Industry-first: YouTube Music pre-save 

We've teamed up with YouTube Music to launch the first YouTube Music pre-save, an important step in supporting artists and labels. This collaboration leverages YouTube's dual role as a DSP and social media network, and offers artists new ways to build anticipation and gain insights.




Pre-save campaign

Amazon Music and TIDAL: The new addition to Linkfire’s pre-release links

Linkfire's pre-save got stronger with Amazon Music and TIDAL on board. TIDAL appeals to those who love high-quality audio, while Amazon Music fits seamlessly into the lives of Alexa users and voice-command enthusiasts. Together, they broaden our scope to support our customers cater to diverse music consumption preferences.



Linkfire for Podcasts End of year

Expanding horizons: Linkfire's new venture into podcasting

2023 saw us leap into the world of spoken words with Linkfire for Podcasts, powered by Apple Podcast data. 

Our collaboration with Apple Podcasts brings unique insights into listener engagement, offering podcasters an unparalleled view of their audience's behavior. Early adopters like Lemonada Media and TenderfootTV, alongside partners such as SoundsProfitable and Bumper, have already begun leveraging these tools.


Linkfire Wallet

Linkfire Wallet: A new revenue path for creators

In light of this year's economic challenges, Linkfire has expanded beyond creating landing pages to enabling monetization. Our Linkfire Wallet (Beta) program, rolled out in the second half of 2023, has seen encouraging adoption, providing creators with new revenue options through unique partnerships and targeted ads. This initial success sets the stage for further development in the coming year when we aim to increase our revenue generation contribution in the creator industry.


Google Analytics Linkfire


Smoothing the transition to Google Analytics 4

This year also marked the phase-out of Universal Analytics, a popular analytics tool among marketing professionals. At Linkfire, we supported our customers in transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by providing support materials and preparing our tool for the transition and integration with GA4.




Navigating 2024: Trends from 2023 and what lies ahead

In 2023, the music and podcasting industries witnessed three prominent trends that we believe are set to impact the landscape in 2024:

1. AI-powered creativity

AI tools have reshaped content creation, design, and audio production. As creators and marketing teams increasingly adopt AI solutions, we anticipate that these tools will continue to evolve and play an even more significant role in content creation and distribution.

2. Video dominance in music and podcast marketing

The dominance of video as an engagement medium persisted in 2023, reshaping the marketing landscape. In 2024, we predict that this trend will continue to grow, with a continued focus on video content creation and distribution. Marketers will need to invest in video marketing strategies to remain competitive and connect with their audiences effectively.

3. Diversification of revenue streams

2023 saw a shift in the audio content industries approach to revenue generation. Beyond traditional distribution and label deals for musicians, creators explored alternative income sources such as rights exploitation, sync licensing, and cross-promotion and advertising. 

In 2024, diversification of revenue streams is expected to gain even more prominence as creators seek to maximize their earnings and financial stability.

We believe that streams will continue to be the primary focus for marketers, but we also anticipate a notable increase in the emphasis on merchandise sales.

As for live events and ticket sales, while remaining a stable source of income, this isn't an area we expect to see significant developments in throughout 2024.


Closing 2023 with gratitude and ready for 2024

As we close the chapter on 2023 and look ahead to the opportunities and challenges of 2024, the Linkfire team remains committed to empowering creators, marketers, and brands in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our dedicated support team will be available throughout the vacation period, ready to assist you with any questions or needs that may arise.

Thank you for making 2023 a rewarding year, and here's to a bright and innovative 2024. 



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Simona Lazeu

Director of Marketing, Linkfire