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Simona LazeuDec 5, 20233 min read

Unlock the power of podcast marketing with Linkfire for Podcasts

Introducing Linkfire for Podcasts, an exciting expansion of our platform. This all-new toolkit combines the best of our marketing and analytics capabilities with the world of podcasting. Through the exclusive integration with Apple Podcasts, we offer unique analytics on podcast promotions and listener engagement.

 Linkfire for Podcast powered by Apple Podcast data


Why is Linkfire for Podcasts a marketing game-changer?

In the booming podcast industry, marketing your podcast and understanding your audience's behaviour is pivotal to scaling reach and enhancing listener engagement. 

That's where Linkfire for Podcasts comes into play, setting a new standard for marketing your podcast content.

Our custom landing pages combined with analytics from Apple Podcasts position Linkfire as a unique solution for podcasters. But how does this actually benefit you?


Get listening proof, not just indicators

While click-throughs to a show or episode downloads are useful indications of an intent to listen—they are not proof of consumption. 

Our platform provides you with metrics that offer tangible proof of consumption. 

As visitors engage with your Linkfire podcast landing page, you are able to measure engagement metrics such as Apple Podcasts plays, follows, and new subscribers by marketing channel, device, and country.

This game-changing analytics lets you build, measure, and optimize your entire marketing funnel for podcasting in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Podcast channel plays attribution Linkfire Apple Podcasts

Deep dive into the Apple Podcasts analytics available on Linkfire for Podcasts.


Custom landing pages that fit your brand

Craft your own central hub with our customizable landing pages. They’re designed to not just connect listeners with your shows and episodes, but also to:

  • Capture emails
  • Showcase merchandise
  • Highlight your social media channels
  • And more!

Landing pages for podcast promotion

Learn how to craft your own custom Linkfire Podcast link.


Unlimited smart links

Our toolkit lets you create an infinite number of smart links. Each leads to a tailor-made landing page, providing a seamless way to guide listeners to your podcast no matter where they prefer to listen.


Advanced analytics to guide your way

As a creator, you need data to guide your marketing decisions. 

Using Linkfire for Podcasts exclusive analytics, you can measure user engagement within links and landing pages, tracking metrics like never before.

You’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing by channel, region, device and more. 

Furthermore, when listeners engage with your content on Apple Podcasts, you can now unlock data on whether a listener played an episode or followed a show.

Podcast marketing stats

Unlock exclusive metrics

For creators promoting exclusive content via the Apple Podcasts Affiliate Program, you can measure the free trials, subscriptions, subscription revenue, and affiliate revenue generated through these links.

All of this data is aggregated and anonymized, respecting user privacy while providing valuable insights to you.

Apple Podcast Analytics on Linkfire

Manage multiple shows with ease

If you're juggling multiple podcasts, our platform allows for separate workspaces, making sure user access, data, and security are all sorted. 


What questions can Linkfire Insights help you answer?

Linkfire for Podcasts Insights provides detailed performance data for each link you share online. 

This data helps you understand how your marketing activities are contributing to click-throughs to the major podcast service, as well as to plays and follows within Apple Podcasts. 

Our insights feature allows you to delve deep into each link's performance, from overall summary, the performance of specific content blocks, and podcast-specific analytics, to detailed insights about channels, destinations, user locations, device information, and even commission earned from affiliate partners. 

The easy-to-navigate insights dashboard offers you a high-level glance at link activity over time, alongside in-depth breakdowns of performance in various categories.

A few questions Linkfire for Podcasts Insights will help you answer: 

  • Discover how each channel contributes to Apple Podcasts plays and follows
  • Learn which channels bring you the most click-throughs to streaming platforms
  • Find out where your listeners prefer to consume your content 
  • See which countries generate your affiliate revenue  
  • Calculate your ad price for 1000 plays on Apple Podcasts
  • Experiment with different content blocks 


Pricing and availability

Linkfire for Podcasts is launching with a free tier, but if you want to unlock additional features, we also offer Creators subscriptions starting at just $9.99 per month.


Don’t wait. Innovate!

Ready to transform your podcast marketing strategies? Get started with Linkfire for Podcasts today and take your content to new heights.

We can’t wait to see how you leverage these new tools to grow your podcast.

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Simona Lazeu

Director of Marketing, Linkfire