Empower your marketing with data

Dive into all your link data in one easy-to-use dashboard. Measure your links’ performance, and share the insights with anyone you want.

  • Choose quick overviews or detailed reports
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share exports

Know your fans’ preferences

Build and refine your marketing around comprehensive audience stats. Identify your fans’ preferences and consumption habits.

  • Break out data by partners, location, and devices
  • Measure visits, engagement, conversions, and much more

Identify what works

Benchmark marketing channels and find out what’s working and what’s not. Track engagements and conversions across all your traffic sources.

  • Compare data from both owned and paid channels
  • Discover your top referrers
  • Deepen your reporting with ‘activity’ tags

Track your commission

Explore where and what your fans are buying across the web.

  • Delve into structured affiliate data sets
  • Sort commissions earned by store and product

Integrate with your favorite tools

Connect with your existing tech stack and activate new data sets.

  • Send data sets to Google Analytics
  • Integrate with your preferred retargeting programs
  • Capture events and build audiences across platforms

Take it for a spin

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