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Elevate your podcast marketing with unique insights

Simplify your podcast promotion, reach your target audience more effectively, and gain a competitive edge in this dynamic industry.

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Simplify your podcast promotion

Effortlessly create and customize eye-catching landing pages, layered with adaptability for: episode updates, email capture, social media, YouTube & video promotion, live event and merchandise promotion, and more.

  • Podcast links for exceptional digital experiences 
  • Bio links that turn social media attention into meaningful engagement 
  • Reward links for growing your following across Spotify, YouTube, and your email list

Industry shifting podcast insights

Master the underlying factors of your podcast marketing with unique analytics

  • Traffic source and destination 
  • Plays, listens, and follows on Apple Podcasts
  • Visitor’s geo-location, device, CTR and more
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Achieve more, faster

  • No need to micromanage your smart links. New episodes update automatically, keeping your podcast link up to date
  • Increase your email list, promote your Patreon page, and run cross-promotions 
  • Integrate with your existing marketing stack, from Google Analytics, ad networks Pixels, and more
Linkfire for Podcast Automations

You'll be in good company

“We are very happy to use the bio link by Linkfire. It provides our Instagram followers with every info we need them to see in one place: recent releases, music videos, tour dates, as well as our merchandise. Plus, it's fully customizable. ”
“Linkfire has helped my record label Where The Heart Is 's releases dramatically. Of course, it's nice to be able to share our releases across various networks all in one clean link, but the time it's saved me and my team is really the invaluable part. ”
David HohmeDJ and record label owner
“I've been using LInkfire for a few months and I am in love with the platform. I have seen a ton of growth since using it - my Spotify monthly listeners are now at 126K.”
TYLERxCORDYIndependent Artist
“With the Linkfire platform, we’ve put selling tour tickets on a higher level and made the way of buying them more effective for us and easier for our fans.
Thanks to the data and insights, which we got during the whole campaign were very helpful for our next steps in communication and optimization of the campaign budget.”
Maria andrsova
Mária AndršováSocial media project manager of Billy Barman band

"Linkfire made handling all our artist accounts much easier. Everything is in one place. With the Linkfire board feature, each artist essentially has their own account so our links don’t get cluttered. It’s brilliant!"

David Mysliwiec (1)
David MysliwiecFounder and CEO of The Upstate Sound Records

“I chose to use Linkfire because it's a very user-friendly platform. It's very quick and easy to get links to share my music with the world.

Linkfire provides my social media platforms on my website with that extra level of professionalism because my audience is able to be directed straight to the streaming service of their choice. So it's a win-win both for me and for them.”

Jude Leighton Artist

“Linkfire has made a huge difference. I've used other landing pages and they don't really report as well.

Linkfire shows a very strong analytic system. if you're running ads, it helps you because you don't want to see your money being wasted. My favorite Linkfire feature is the Apple Music Insights. You get a good amount of traps to Apple Music and how many streams you get.

“Insights and data are really the core, If we're looking at activation and we're using a Linkfire link, we wanna make sure people are clicking on it and where they're coming from and where they're visiting. 
What is the most sticky part of that Linkfire that's really, really important for us. We've found sometimes where things are being clicked on, on the bottom of the Linkfire that are actually more sticky and more compelling. So we'll move things around in either our Linkfire or our Biolink, depending on where we see that, those analytics. So it's really important.” 
Jesse picture-min
Jesse ErvinVice President of Digital Marketing and Fan Engagement at Warner Record
“My favorite part of Linkfire's bio link is that you can edit it, however, you'd like. Customizing it has been able to look really nice for fans to just go to one place and have every single thing that they want, whether it's streaming a song or YouTube video, or even buying merch.”
Andrea AraizaCoordinator in the fan engagement department at Warner Records
“What Linkfire has been able to help us do is that it informs about how past campaigns have performed for our artists. That gives us some insight into how they're going to perform in the future for upcoming releases, whether they're singles albums or EPS.”
Randall TelferAssociate Director of fan engagement, urban music at Warner Records

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