When you need to make one click count, it gets difficult to choose between all the stories you want to tell. Should you share the newest release, latest merch, or an upcoming show?

What if you no longer need to make that compromise? A bio link enables you to take fans on a journey of discovery of all your content. No trade-offs.

Create a bio link in minutes

Create and customize a bio link in no time. It looks great and it’s vastly sharable. No design or code skills needed.

  • Get access to a bio.to domain 
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Turn the spotlight on your most important promotions

Take your fans on the discovery of your most-loved content. Promote everything you have going on:

  • Share your latest releases
  • Feature your most popular merchandise
  • Highlight upcoming events, gigs, or tours

Track every step of the way

Discover your fans preferences and consumption habits.

  • Measure visits, clicks, streams, sales, and much more
  • Get actionable insights
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share reports

Links for every need

Need more than a bio link? We have you covered. Linkfire is the home of all your smart links, from merchandise to live events.

  • Pre-release Link: Drive momentum up to the day of release
  • Tour Link: Promote tours or single concerts
  • Content Link: Send fans to merch stores, articles, or social profiles

Create your own bio link

Get started with Linkfire and make a bio link in no time.

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