Is this honestly the best way to build your artist brand?

If there’s an action you want your fans to take, you can’t just hint and hope. You need a clear and strong call to action that kicks off the next step in your marketing funnel.

When your social media marketing is not action driven:

  • You lower your chances of engagement and conversions
  • You waste your marketing budget’s potential
  • Your artist brand is poorly positioned
  • You miss out on cross-promotion opportunities

Bio link solutions like Linktree are not designed for artist marketing and offer limited fan analytics.

  • Not optimized for artist promotion 
  • Don’t provide any post-click data on streams, follows, or sales
  • Not built to encourage cross promotion

There’s a smarter way.

No need to compromise on marketing insights or the story you want to tell as an artist. A Linkfire bio link allows you to take fans on a journey through all of your most important content—while tracking everything you can possibly think of.


Create a bio link in minutes

Create and customize a bio link in just a few clicks—no design or coding skills needed. It looks great, it’s easy to share everywhere, and you’ll never have to worry about swapping out your bio link again.

  • Get access to a domain and customize it with your artist name
  • Use music-specific content blocks to feature your releases, tour dates, merch, and more
  • Personalize its look and feel

Shine a spotlight on your most important promotions

  • Feature your latest release
  • Share your most popular merchandise
  • Highlight upcoming events, gigs, or tours
  • Encourage social media follows
  • Update it as often as you want

Identify your fans’ preferences

  • Understand which marketing activities generate visits and clicks to music streaming services
  • Break out data by channels, location, devices, and much more
  • Share reports and insights with your team

Create your own bio link for free.

Join all the major labels and over 50,000 independent artists in adding Linkfire to your music marketing toolkit. Get started in no time—no credit card needed to sign up.

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Create your own bio link

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