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Jessica GolderMar 28, 20231 min read

Linkfire roundup: March 2023

What a start to the year! With new features and product updates in the works, we wanted to spend some time highlighting our newest customer stories and tips.

Label spotlight: Warner Records

Warner Records is one of Linkfire’s earliest adopters. We sat down with the global music marketing team to hear how they see the future of music, and what keeps them excited in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.


How QR codes are used in the music industry

QR codes have become a core element of marketing campaigns across a wide variety of industries. But how are they being used by some of the world’s leading artists and labels?

Read our blog post to learn more.QR codes

How to prepare for Showcase Festivals like SXSW

Showcase Festivals like SXSW are great ways for you to connect and network with people from the industry. 

Learn how to get the most out of Showcase Festivals. 


How to build an engaged email list

Did you know 79% of marketers list email marketing as one of their top 3 most effective marketing channels?

Check out our top tips to help you build a more engaged email list and better connect with your fans.


What’s new: Added bio link header images + subtitle

New bio link headers have just landed! That means you now have a choice of 5 different profile header types to help you further customize your bio links.

PLUS: We’ve also added an option to add an additional subtitle to your bio allowing you to say more to your fans right when they land on your bio link.

Ready to update your bio link? Log in here


Bio link headers

Jessica Golder

As Linkfire's Product & Customer Marketing Lead, Jessica works to ensure Linkfire customers are set-up for success.