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Louis PrattJul 27, 20232 min read

Linkfire roundup: July 2023

The seasons keep changing and the Linkfire team stays busy as ever! Here are the latest updates on all of the action.
Hero new pre-save services-1

YouTube Music & Amazon Music
pre-save additions

Power up your pre-release links with our latest YouTube Music (Album) and Amazon Music Pre-Save features. Build anticipation, access valuable insights, and increase release-day streams as you increase your engagement with the YouTube ecosystem.


GA4 Update

Learn about key GA4 updates and how our simplified integration process makes your switch effortless. Discover how to harness predictive audiences, improved data privacy, and versatile exploratory tools to optimize your marketing strategies. 

Prepare for the future of web analytics today!


Get ready to gig in 2023!

Summertime in the Northern Hemisphere means getting out and hitting the streets and the stages! We brought three visionary live industry experts together to illuminate the irreplaceable impact of live music, along with the opportunities and challenges presented within the processes that need navigating.
Thanks again to Kaleena Arbucco (Senior Director, International Marketing & Digital, Def Jam,) Marcus Fitzgerald (CEO, Gigmit,) and John Ryan  (Independent live-industry professional and active member of Keep Flying)

Tune in to the on-demand recording of our Live Music Webinar


Warner Records: Jesse Spotlight & Data highlight

Warner Records is iconic, there's not much else to say about them! Shining a light on the record label’s data practices, as well as one of their veteran stars, Jesse Ervin, was a privilege of ours this Spring.

Power-User Spotlight: Jesse Ervin, VP of Digital Marketing & Warner Records

How Warner Records uses data to power their releases


Six Shooter Spotlights: William Prince & Andrea Aguilar

Six Shooter Records, a female-founded and female-led independent label out of Toronto, Canada, teamed up with us this past quarter to tell some incredible stories of artistry, entrepreneurship, and growth in the creative industries.

Hear Six Shooter Records’ Vision through the lens of the absolute legendary Andrea Aguilar, Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing at SSR

Tag along at SXSW 2023 with Six Shooter’s premier Americana artist William Prince

Six Shooter Spotlight & William Prince

The Great Escape

It can be hard to beat a Showcase Festival Experience! Our team was lucky to attend one of our favorites:  The Great Escape in Brighton, UK.

Absorb all of the insights our colleague, Jana Udovenko, collected at TGE 2023!

Showcase Festival Activations

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