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Simona LazeuJan 29, 20241 min read

Introducing Apple Podcasts 'Engaged listeners' via Linkfire podcast links

We're excited to introduce Apple Podcasts 'Engaged listeners' as the newest metric in Linkfire for Podcasts. This awesome addition enhances the depth and quality of insights available to podcast marketers like never before.

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So, what's this Apple Podcasts 'Engaged listeners' all about? Well, it provides insights into your audiences who are truly invested in your episodes. This metric indicates when someone has listened to at least 20 minutes or 40% of an episode, depending on its length.

'Engaged listeners’ goes beyond traditional data like download spikes and social media interactions, giving you a deeper understanding of how your listeners truly engage with your podcast.

But that's not all! With the comprehensive analytics capabilities provided by Linkfire for Podcasts, the 'Engaged listeners' metric joins the existing suite of analytics, including Apple Podcasts 'Plays', 'Listeners', and 'Followers'. It empowers you to gain precise insights into the preferences and behaviors of your engaged audience.

By leveraging the data broken down by marketing channels, devices, and regions, you can optimize your content and marketing strategies with greater precision and effectiveness. This means you can take targeted approaches that resonate with your most invested audiences.

This new metric holds significant value for the podcasting industry. It enables you to measure not only the size of your audience but also the quality of their engagement. And in a competitive market like podcasting, understanding and retaining a loyal listener base is crucial for long-term success.

With the 'Engaged listeners' metric, you have the opportunity to delve into listener behavior, fine-tune your content and strategies, and create a lasting impact on your audience.

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Simona Lazeu

Director of Marketing, Linkfire