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Aleks BalcerzakApr 17, 20241 min read

Linkfire roundup: Q1 2024 highlights and future sneak peeks

Spring has sprung, prompting us to ponder the accomplishments, support, and progress of Q1. Stay tuned till the end for a sneak peek into the exciting updates lined up for Q2! 

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Snippets from our fantastic creators


2024 kicked off with a bang in Q1! It was a busy time for our creators, big and small. Linkfire powered new albums, singles, shows and programs such as:


Linkfire on the go

Mobile responisveness


We know phones are a marketer's essential tool, perfect for quick adjustments and real-time campaign monitoring.

Our mobile version is now sleeker and more user-friendly. Easily create links, check your dashboard, and make tweaks on the go. Ideal for quick updates or campaign checks on the move!




Introduced the ‘Engaged listener’ metric for Apple Podcast Analytics

Engaged listener

Our podcast analytics got better with the Apple Podcasts 'Engaged listeners' data. This metric provides insights into listener engagement, indicating when someone has listened to at least 20 minutes or 40% of an episode, depending on its length. Here's what this means for you.





Linkfire for Podcasts 101: Webinar

Podcast Webinar
We’ve hosted an onboarding session for all podcast creators, enthusiasts and marketers. This recorded session takes a deep dive into our marketing tool, and how to use it to its full potential.

Pssst! One of our biggest updates is yet to come - look out for brand-new landing page designs across several link types in the upcoming month!


Aleks Balcerzak

Aleks is Linkfire’s Customer Support & Marketing Manager, a full-time music nerd and a part-time house DJ.