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linkfireDec 14, 20211 min read

Gain exposure with syncs on incredible shows, films, and ads

Ever wanted to get your music featured in ads, films, and TV? Now you can with Syncr Music.

The team at Syncr are on a mission to democratize opportunities for everyone in the music industry. Syncr gives you the chance to have your music featured in some of the world’s biggest films, TV shows, video games, brand campaigns, and more.

As you might know, high-profile syncs are a great way to gain exposure and monetize your music. Syncr’s goal is to help elevate emerging artists’ careers to the next level via sync licensing and unique feature opportunities.

Syncr Music offers a totally free subscription that allows artists to apply for playlist, blog, brand, and label opportunities.

Get 1 month free on Syncr Pro

Use the discount code “Linkfire100” when signing up.

You can also use the discount code “Linkfire100” to sign up for Syncr Pro, which gives you access to all Syncr Masterclasses, the Syncr Plus pitching network, and of course top TV, film, video game, and ad briefs.

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