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Simona LazeuMay 10, 20243 min read

Decoding pre-save rates: A close look at the impact of Spotify's one-click pre-save

In the fast-evolving landscape of music promotion, how artists and labels engage with fans before a release can make all the difference. Leveraging innovative technologies and user-centric strategies has become a key factor in achieving success in the industry. Let's check out a quick case study that reveals how Linkfire's enhanced pre-save Spotify feature is shaking up pre-release campaigns.

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The introduction of the Spotify one-click pre-save feature by Linkfire has not only simplified the user experience but has also shown remarkable results in boosting pre-save rates across various social media platforms.


10% more Spotify pre-saves

Back in January, our team at Linkfire introduced an update to our Spotify pre-save feature, and the results have been remarkable. We've witnessed a whopping 10% increase in pre-save rates across several social media channels.

By eliminating the cumbersome process of multiple clicks and redirecting away from social feeds, Linkfire’s solution effectively addressed the modern user's desire for convenience. The direct linking feature seamlessly redirects fans to the Spotify app, ensuring an easy and hassle-free experience. Additionally, the automatic login functionality streamlines the process further, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

The analysis conducted pre- and post-implementation of the feature revealed a considerable increase in pre-save rates, setting a new benchmark in fans’ Spotify pre-save conversion rates. The conversation rate surged to an impressive 32%, a notable improvement from the previous rate of 21%. This enhancement signifies the effectiveness of the new approach in captivating user interest and encouraging pre-saves.

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Top services by pre-save rate

While Spotify emerges as the frontrunner in pre-save rates, other key players such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, and Tidal also play a vital role in the music streaming landscape. Linkfire’s last 12 months data showcases Spotify leading with a pre-save rate exceeding 30%, followed by Apple Music at 24%. The comparison across services highlights the crucial need to fine-tune pre-save strategies on various platforms for peak engagement and conversion rates.


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Pre-save actions with Linkfire pre-release links

Beyond pre-saving, it's important to grasp the range of actions available on various platforms to craft impactful pre-release campaigns. Linkfire’s pre-save links provide diverse actions on services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, Tidal, and Deezer. Whether saving tracks, following artists, or collecting emails, each platform offers special ways to engage fans and strengthen connections for future interactions.

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4 best practices for increasing pre-save campaign success


To optimize the success of your pre-save campaigns, consider these four best practices:

  • Email collection: Expand your reach by integrating email collection into your pre-save landing pages, ensuring you capture valuable data even on platforms that don't support it as part of their pre-save.
  • Leverage first-party data: Utilize the emails collected during the pre-release phase to enrich your first-party data, empowering targeted marketing efforts and deeper fan engagement.
  • Promote your social profiles: Foster ongoing engagement by including social media links on your pre-save landing pages, encouraging fans to connect beyond the pre-save action.
  • Post-release landing page optimization: Don't neglect your pre-release landing pages after the big day. Treat them as evergreen destinations for fans, adjusting messaging, and calls to action to promote merchandise, tours, or new releases.

In the fast-paced realm of music marketing, adaptation is crucial. By adopting cool stuff like Spotify's one-click pre-save and fine-tuning pre-release strategies on all platforms, labels and artist promoters can really connect with fans and rock it in this always-changing industry.


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Simona Lazeu

Director of Marketing, Linkfire