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Jessica GolderAug 14, 20202 min read

How Fjer scales her marketing with Linkfire

Artists like Fjer don’t have labels to push marketing campaigns. They need affordable, simple tools like Linkfire to do it themselves.


Danish singer-songwriter and producer Fjer kicked off her career in New York. Now back in Copenhagen, she’s devoted herself to building buzz around her soul-inflected electro-pop. But as every independent artist knows, promoting yourself is hard work.
It takes valuable time and energy which could be focused on creating work. Plus, in trying to reach and engage fans, you’re going up against major labels with experienced digital marketers and agencies on their books.



Which platform to promote?

There are lots of different streaming services to choose from. Worldwide, seven different services claim 84% of total subscribers. So come release day, which one should you push in your marketing? If Fjer shares a link to her music on Spotify, she’s missing out on all those streams from Apple Music, Pandora, and Deezer users.

Competing against the majors

As Fjer told us, when it comes to marketing she’s basically doing what the major labels do, but they have “more resources and more money.” She has to be her very own marketing department—grabbing fans’ attention in the same media channels used by industry giants, but with far less time and budget.

Not a tech wiz

We’ve all become accustomed to a certain sleekness in our online interactions, and the same goes for music fans. But building professional marketing from scratch is no easy task. Branded, customizable marketing assets, that work on both desktop and mobile, are the domain of professional developers and designers.


Fjer was kind enough to perform a concert at Linkfire HQ in 2018, and she’s been a user ever since.
Linkfire lets her create stylish marketing assets, with no coding skills required. That means she has more time to focus on what she really loves to do—create music.


“I'd recommend Linkfire as a way to promote all your stuff. It's really cool that you, as an independent artist, can do what the labels are doing. ” Fjer, Independant Artist


Reach more fans on every service

With Linkfire, Fjer doesn’t have to choose one service to promote over another. Linkfire’s smart links cover all bases, taking fans to a landing page where they’re free to choose their preferred service. One link for every fan ≈ more fan engagement and more streams.

Major label tools for indie prices

Linkfire is used by the industry’s biggest players, but it has price plans to suit every budget. Fjer has access to a wealth of smart marketing tools and analytics without breaking the bank.
Linkfire also has many resources to help artists marketing themselves, from blog articles and videos to weekly tips and marketing news. It introduces artists to digital marketing best practices, in a way that’s relevant to their careers.

The platform does it for you

Linkfire’s app was built with artists like Fjer in mind. To begin, she simply has to paste in a streaming service URL, and then Linkfire automatically generates smart links, landing pages, and widgets.
Everything is full customizable—she can change up the artwork, text, and more, to match her style.

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Jessica Golder

As Linkfire's Product & Customer Marketing Lead, Jessica works to ensure Linkfire customers are set-up for success.