Smart linking

From pre-save campaigns to social media bio links, learn how to get the most out of every smart link you share.

The anatomy of a killer music landing page

Every successful music marketing campaign needs a killer music landing page. Follow these 10 tips to create a seamless fan experience and drive up your conversion rate.

How and why to create smart links for your music

Smart links do all the heavy lifting for your music marketing. Learn about the seven types of smart links and how to create them.

How to use reward links to increase fan engagement

Use reward links to increase fan engagement. Secret links, coupon codes, and contests are highly effective ways to deepen fan loyalty and drive conversions.

Pre-save campaigns explained

You can remind someone a hundred times that your track is out next week, but it doesn’t mean they’ll listen to it. With pre-saves, fans are taking that extra step, committing to adding your music to their collection. Learn all about pre-saves.

Link in bio—what is it and what does it mean?

A good social media bio can grab people’s attention. Add a link in bio, and you can turn that attention into meaningful engagement. Read about the benefits of a bio link, and discover how it works, and how you can make your own.

How a smart link can boost your music marketing

Have you seen your favourite artists using short links to direct people to beautiful landing pages where they promote their latest releases or tours?