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Music marketing tips & strategies

A little knowledge can go a long way. Discover ideas, insights, and inspiration to help you reach your goals, no matter how big or small.

Lisa OcchinoOct 26, 20227 min read

Link in bio: What is it and what does it mean?

A good social media bio can grab people’s attention. Add a link in bio, and you can turn ...
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Lisa OcchinoOct 11, 20224 min read

5 things that should be in every artist’s bio link

Wondering if your artist bio link could be doing a better job of driving clicks, streams, ...
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Ailinne G.Oct 5, 20223 min read

3 key takeaways from ProductCon 2022

What do data anecdotes, inclusion, and marketing growth loops have in common? ProductCon ...
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Jessica GolderSep 30, 20221 min read

Linkfire roundup: September 2022

It’s been a busy few months for the Linkfire team. We’ve launched our next-generation bio ...
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Simona LazeuSep 22, 20225 min read

5 bio links we love

Want a bio link for your music that gets fans clicking through? Look no further! We’ve ...
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Jessica GolderSep 14, 20222 min read

How Linkfire’s bio link elevates this label's artist marketing

We recently sat down with David Mysliwiec, founder and CEO of Nashville-based label The ...
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Jessica GolderSep 7, 20224 min read

Introducing Linkfire’s next-generation bio link

Here at Linkfire, we’re always looking for ways to help you level up your music ...
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Simona LazeuSep 1, 20222 min read

Converting data into unique customer insight

Linkfire’s Nikolas Schriefer was recently promoted to Vice President (VP) of Product and ...
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Robert LantermanAug 8, 20226 min read

The 5 most common branding mistakes artists make

Are you making any of these music branding mistakes? Here's what to look out for as an ...
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Daniela FerancikovaJul 19, 20223 min read

How Tolstoys reimagined their album release strategy

Since they couldn’t play live last year, this indie band came up with an unconventional ...
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