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Simona LazeuNov 15, 20232 min read

Navigating Digital Divides: Redirect Tactics for Marketers


Time is a precious commodity, especially for marketers and musicians balancing campaigns, new releases, and fostering their fan base. Thankfully, tech advancements are offering clever ways to ease these busy agendas.

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A standout tool in this regard is our "Conditional Redirects" capability. With this feature, artists and labels can cut down on effort. No need for multiple links tailored to various platforms, areas, or devices – one link handles it all through conditional redirects. 

This function not only declutters your online presence but also smoothens the path for your listeners. Let's dive into how it works.

What are conditional redirects for smart links?

In a nutshell, conditional redirects help you divert different segments of your audience to various destinations based on preset conditions. The visitors get routed to the first condition that matches their profile. For example, if someone accesses your link from the email you’ve sent, you can direct them to your shop, while if they visit from Instagram you can direct them to the landing page displaying various listening options. Handy, right?


How to set up a condition redirect on a smart link?

Setting up a conditional redirect is a piece of cake. All you need to do is:

  • Head to the "Conditional redirects" tab in your link setup dashboard.
  • You'll see an empty condition box waiting for you. Hit the ‘+ Add condition’ button to create a new one.
  • Now, click ‘+ Add filter’ to start defining your condition. Easy peasy!


For a more detailed overview, check out our help centre article  How to set-up conditional redirects on your Linkfire links


What conditional redirects are available on Linkfire music links?


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1. Devices

Want to send mobile users to Apple Music and desktop users to iTunes? You can! Just specify the device type as a condition.



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2. Operating systems

Direct Android users to Google Play and iOS users to the Apple Store. Customize as you see fit!






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3. Marketing channels

If someone clicks your link via an email, why not direct them to your webshop, while clicks from Facebook can be sent to a landing page with various streaming options?



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4. Territories

Got a local physical store in Australia but an online store for international fans? Direct them accordingly to improve their shopping experience.




Save time and reduce friction 

In a world where every click counts, optimizing your followers journeys is crucial. Conditional redirects offer a personalized experience for each fan, improving their journey and increasing your engagement rates. For artists and labels, this means more time focusing on what matters: the music.

Furthermore, if you change strategy, you can always edit existing redirects easily. Just click on the tiny arrow next to the redirect you want to modify.

There's no cap on how many conditional redirects you can create in Linkfire. The more personalized the journey, the better the fan engagement! Just keep in mind that the feature is reserved for Teams & Enterprise users. 


Setting up a conditional redirect is simple. Try it out today.

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Simona Lazeu

Director of Marketing, Linkfire