What is a smart link?

A smart link is an upgrade on your regular everyday link. Whereas a normal link takes visitors to one destination, smart links can route traffic to many different ones.

The destinations can be set to automatically change based on numerous criteria, including a fan’ location or device. This way, every fan gets an experience which best matches their needs and preferences. 

A song link (or smartlink) typically route visitors to these destinations through landing pages. These are micro-websites where fans can choose how they want to continue. For example, a smart link promoting a new album will lead to a landing page with a list of different streaming services. Fans can then choose which service they use. One-click opens that service and they’ll be lost in your music in no time. 

Smartlink landing page

What does a smart link look like?

Regular links are often long and filled with random numbers and letters.  Smart links are short, composed of real words, and customizable to fit your brand. They’re instantly shareable across the web, and let visitors know that they’re clicking through to trustworthy content. 

Here’s an example of a smartlink made for the band The Velveteins: https://the-velveteins.lnk.to/BangersPR

First smart link is on us.

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Why is it important to use a smartlink?

A smartlink is an essential marketing tool for a number of reasons:

One link for all your posts

Imagine you’re an artist promoting your latest album. You want to post about it on Facebook, and encourage fans to click through to your album and start listening. The problem is, what link do you use? A link to your album on Spotify, or Apple Music, Tidal, or Boomplay? You can take a guess that the majority of your audience is using one service over the other, but you still risk losing out on lots of engagement, streams, and potential revenue.

Smart links solve this problem by taking link visitors to a landing page that features a list of services to choose from. This list can be customized depending on your preferences, or the visitor’s locations. For instance, Pandora is only available in the US. So with a smart link, you can add Pandora to your landing page for fans in the US but nowhere else. 

Fans get a frictionless route to their service of choice. And you get one simple link that can service them all but doesn’t clutter up your promotions.

Taylor Swift tweet with smart link

A smartlink is customizable

Depending on your Linkfire subscription, you can customize different elements of your link. For instance, you can add an artist subdomain:


Or edit the campaign name:


Or you can add your own custom domain:


Once a fan clicks on this link they’re taken to a landing page. Smart links’ landing pages work on both desktop and mobile. They feature a number of elements, all of which are customizable:

  • Artwork. Linkfire finds artwork automatically when you first create your link. You can also switch this artwork out for anything you want. 
  • Text. This is usually the artist name and title of the thing you’re promoting. 
  • Video or audio. You can add a play button over top of the artwork which will play a video or audio snippet.
  • List of destinations. These are the different options that link visitors can choose from. When you’re promoting music, these destinations will be different music services. But if you’re promoting a tour, they’ll be tour dates.

You can collect fan data

Smart links provide you with invaluable fan’s insights. You can use this to optimize your marketing and ad spend, plan your tours, and even decide on a new songwriting direction.

What data can you get from a smartlink?

With a smart link, you can collect all kinds of important stats about your link visitors. It’s all collected in your Linkfire Insights dashboard. This allows you to analyze your links’ performance, and optimize your marketing from there. 

Smart link insights page

The data points collected include: 

  • Number of visits to your links
  • Links’ click-through rates
  • Visits & click-throughs by sources (channels)
  • Click-throughs by service
  • The location of your link visitors, by country and city
  • In-service Streaming Insights from services like Apple Music
  • Sales and commissions earned through your links

All of this data lets you measure your marketing’s performance. Are your smart links performing better on Facebook or Instagram? Do visits increase after you edit your Twitter post’s text to something snappier? 

It can also inform as well as touring and recording decisions as well. Because if your link is generating lots of click-throughs in Denmark, it might make sense to play that country during your next European tour.

Sharing links

Where can you share a smart link?

01 Social media bios 
Smart links fit perfectly in your Instagram bio, Facebook ‘About’ section and Youtube channel description. These are where you tell the world who you are and what you’re up to, so there’s no better place to shout about your latest release. 
02 Social posts 
Tweets, Facebook posts, Grams… your link is ready to post across every social platform, for every situation. Keep your followers up to date with your story, post about new releases, tours, playlists, merch, and much more. 
03 Youtube video descriptions 
If your latest release is up on Youtube, give viewers a quick way of finding the same track on streaming, or link them to the rest of your online presence. 
04 Soundcloud track description 
Soundcloud is the platform of choice to get your music out there as quickly as possible. Post a track, and then add a Linkfire link to the description and get followers to listen to the whole album on their favorite music service. 
05 Website Widget 
With a bit of HTML, every smart link can be turned into an embeddable widget for your own website. There’s different sizes and types to choose from, but they’re all highly clickable! 
06 Email newsletters 
Fans signed up to newsletters are the most valuable customers out there. They’re a receptive audience, just waiting for your latest news. New tour announced or album just released? Hit them up with an email, and collect key valuable insights with every click through.
5 types of Linkfire link

What type of smart link can you create with Linkfire?

01 Release links
Linkfire’s most popular link type, release links are perfect for promoting albums, EPs, and single tracks on streaming services. 

Release links can also be used for promoting podcasts. Try out a release link.
02 Playlists links
For many listeners, playlists have become the go-to format for consuming music on streaming. This includes playlists curated by services themselves, such as Spotify’s New Music Friday, but also those generated by users.

If you’ve made a killer playlist, you can share it with a playlist link. Promote a playlist with a smart link.
03 Ticket links
Promoting your live online can be complex. Tours are spread across different countries and ticket providers, and fans need to be kept up to date about venue changes and cancelations.

Linkfire ticket links are integrated with Bandsintown. This means that we’ll automatically search for different tour dates and locations through Bandsintown when you create a tour link. Fans anywhere in the world can then click through to a landing page and select the concert they want to attend. Plus, you can schedule regular rescans of your ticket links to keep your landing pages up to date with the latest schedule.

Start promoting events with smart links.
04 Pre-release links
Building momentum for upcoming albums and tracks is hugely important in today’s music industry. Pre-release links do just this. 

They let fans automatically add future releases to their music libraries the moment that release goes live. This drives streams on release, while increasing your follower counts on services. 

Another benefit of pre-release links is the data you capture when fans authorize the links. This usually includes email addresses. So you can add all those fans to your mailing list, and then keep them updated about releases, tours, and merch going forward. 

Linkfire Pre-release links currently integrate with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Facebook Messenger.

Release music like a pro with a pre-release link.
05 Content links
You can use content links when you want to take visitors to one destination—there are no options for them to choose from. So these links act in much the same way as normal links but still have the audience analytics of a smart link. They’re perfect for promoting sites and pages. 

Some things to share with content links include:

-Social pages
-Your artist website
-Reviews of your new album
-Your latest interview

Learn more about Content links.
06 Reward links
Reward links give fans instant access to secret content, coupon codes, and contest entries in exchange for an action that you want them to take, such as subscribing to your email list or following you on Spotify.
They’re an excellent way to build your audience, increase engagement,
and drive the kind of conversions that matter most to you.

Get more followers with reward links.
07 Bio links
Bio link is perfect for platforms where you have to make one link count, like your Instagram bio. Think of it as an ever-evolving microsite where you can promote everything you have going on, from new releases to gigs to merch.

Bio links are available on all Linkfire plans.

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