$15 /mo*
Create links for your music, merch or tour, and start measuring your growth.
Features included:
Unlimited smart links Unlimited release, playlist, ticket, content links
Standard bio link
Standard domain management Premium domain:, | Artist subdomains: | Custom campaign name:
Standard insights Link level analytics (visits, click-throughs, bounce rate, and much more
Streaming insights See what actions your fans take on Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Anghami, Boomplay.
Single user licence
$25 /mo*
Add personality to your brand with custom domains and service order customization.
All features included in Standard, plus:
Pro bio link Access to all bio link tiles
Service order customization Customize and reorder the services on your landing page
Custom domain management Vanity url: | Add-on secured vanity url | Premium domain:, | Artist subdomains: | Custom campaign name:
Email support
Choose what works for you

Feature comparison

7 days
7 days
Monthly price
Yearly price
$162 (save 10%)
$270 (save 10%)
Release links Use this link type for albums or tracks
Ticket links Use this link type for tours and live events
Merchandise links Use this link type for merch or stores
Bio links Bring all your content together in one customizable and highly scrollable microsite.
Limited features
All features
Pre-save Automatically adds music to fans’ music libraries on the day of its release
Widget Turn your link into an embeddable widget
Conditional redirect Set criteria to redirect specific members of your audience
Services available How many music services you can route users to
Services customization Select, deselect, or reorder the services on your landing page.
Artists stores Send people to your own website or e-shop
Service scheduled rescans Automatic scans looking for the most up to date music service content
Dashboard Get a fast overview of links insights
Board insights Dive deeper into insights at board level
Link insights history
All time
All time
Insights sharing options Share reports via a link or an Excel export
Help Center
Week days
Week days
Account manager
Domain management Standard domain =
Premium domain =,
Artist subdomains =
Custom campaign name =
Custom domains =
Premium domains, Artist subdomains, Custom campaign name
Premium domains, Artist subdomains, Custom campaign name, Custom domain
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Frequently asked questions

01 What’s the difference between personal and business plans?
Our different price plans provide solutions which work for everyone, from emerging artists to major labels.

The personal price plans are designed to be affordable packages for independent artists, who are looking to grow their audience with Linkfire but are less focused on data analytics and marketing integrations.

Business plans are perfect for larger teams, more experienced marketers, and labels, who want to take advantage of the comprehensive tools that Linkfire has to offer.
02 How does the free trial period work?
During your free trial, you’ll have access to all the features available in whichever price plan you select. Towards the end of the trial, we’ll send you an email invitation to continue with a paid plan, at which point you can enter your payment details. If you choose not to buy a plan, your Linkfire access will revert to an ad-supported account after your trial finishes.
03 Can I create unlimited links?
Yes, unlimited means you can create as many links as your heart desires. See the feature comparisons above for which types of links are unlimited in which plan.
04 What do “visits logged” mean?
Don’t worry, your links will continue to work if your amount of visits exceeds this number. However, data on these additional visits will not be viewable in Insights, and they will not generate you money through integrated affiliate marketing programs.

If you would like to increase your number of visits logged per month, consider upgrading to a different price plan.

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