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Simplify your tour promotions

Easily promote shows, tours, and festival dates with a smart landing page that automatically pulls in your ticket links. Bridge your online and offline marketing with QR codes and other valuable data to measure the success of each event.

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Streamline your music marketing

Generate ticketing smartlinks, QR codes, and widgets to reach fans around the world.

  • Fetch tour dates automatically with our Ticketmaster integration
  • Add different ticket retailers to a single landing page
  • Set conditional redirects with parameters such as device or location
Streamline your music marketing

Customize in seconds

Schedule change? New artist branding? No problem.

  • Update the venue, location, or date of an event with just a few clicks
  • Easily swap out the artwork, video, and text on landing pages and widgets
  • Choose domain names that align with your campaign and artist brand
Customize in seconds

With the Linkfire platform, we’ve put selling tour tickets on a higher level and made the way of buying them more effective for us and easier for our fans.

Thanks to the data and insights, which we got during the whole campaign were very helpful for our next steps in communication and optimization of the campaign budget.

Mária Andršová
Social media project manager of the Slovak band Billy Barman


Majci 2

Create omnichannel strategies with QR codes

Make it easier for your fans to get tickets to your shows on the go. Add your Linkfire QR codes to tour posters, flyers, or even commercials.

  • Track every step of the fan journey, both online and offline
  • Determine which channels are driving ticket sales
  • Give your fans a branded, streamlined experience
Image 3 - QR codes

Upgrade your media kit with analytics

Get more out of your event marketing with extensive insights.


  • Gather attribution data from multiple ticket retailers
  • Measure the ROI for all your campaigns in one dashboard
  • Benchmark online and offline channels to understand what works best for your fans
  • Plan and optimize future marketing activities based on your data
Image 4 - analytics

Increase your conversion rate with remarketing

Leverage your unique customer data and promote events to the right audience.

  • Promote your concerts to fans who have already expressed interest
  • Integrate with Facebook Ads and Google Ads
Image 6 - remarketing

Keep exploring features

Release links

Promote music with beautiful, trackable landing pages.

Pre-release links

Build momentum and increase streams on release day.

Reward links

Create a contest, coupon code, or secret page in minutes.

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