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Fine-tune your artist's marketing

Optimize campaign performance, increase conversions, and learn about audience diversification in the process.

Create versatile landing pages

  • Pre-save link: Drive momentum to get a big boost on release day.
  • Release link: Create one trackable link for every music service and market.
  • Reward link: Increase fan engagement with contests, coupon codes, and secret pages.
  • Bio link: Bring all of your content together in a beautiful and highly scrollable microsite.
  • Tour link: Promote a tour or any ticketed event.
  • Content link: Send fans to merch stores, articles, social profiles, and more.

Tailor your fans’ experience

Automatically route your global audiences to their preferred music services.

  • Match the look and feel of every landing page to your artists’ branding
  • Customize your smart links with branded domain names
  • No coding or design skills needed


You'll be in good company

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Drive marketing decisions with data

Track every step of the fan journey with smart link analytics you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Understand how your campaigns impact streaming behavior with our industry-exclusive data partnerships
  • Benchmark marketing actions across paid and owned media channels
  • Integrate third-party retargeting programs, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Snapchat, and more

Monetize with affiliate partners

Generate more revenue from every campaign with affiliate marketing integrations.

  • Use automated affiliate programs with all your links
  • Earn commissions through Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more

Collaborate more efficiently

Work together easily with team members, partners, and artist teams in a secure dashboard.

  • Assign colleagues different roles and permissions
  • Share insights with artists and management


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