Artist marketing

Simplify your marketing

Create smart links and landing pages with beautiful artwork in seconds, and reach fans regardless of their location or music app.

  • The days of posting multiple URLs are over. Route your fans to Spotify, iTunes, and other services with just one link
  • Promote your merch, live events, social pages—Linkfire isn’t just for music
Artist marketing

No design skills needed

Customize landing pages and social cards in line with your style.

  • Edit the artwork and the text, and input your own personalized artist domains
  • Choose which music services your fans click through to

Artist marketing

Learn about your fans

Get to you know your fans with analytics about their listening habits

  • See which devices and apps your fans prefer, and where and when they listen
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t, and refine your campaigns as you go
Artist marketing

Tune-up your digital marketing skills

Take smart decisions with Linkfire’s intuitive set of tools, no matter your level of marketing experience.

  • Navigate audience data like a pro with our Insights dashboard
  • Boost your knowledge with the help of our learning center

Set it in action!

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