What is a pre-save?

A pre-save is the streaming equivalent of a pre-order. Unlike CDs and Vinyl, digital music doesn’t need to be physically delivered. But music on streaming services does still have release dates.

A pre-save lets fans place a ‘virtual order’ on an upcoming release. It’s then added to their streaming libraries the moment it goes live.

For artists, pre-saves are quickly becoming an essential marketing tool. Finding success on services like Spotify and Apple Music is all about increasing streaming numbers and engagement. Pre-saves do just that, by helping to build momentum around new music before it’s even out.

With Linkfire, you have the ability to create a pre-release link, which combines multiple pre-saves into one shareable link.

How does pre-save work?

Pre-saves can be used with most major streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. And while they each look and work slightly differently, these different pre-saves function in the same way.

To begin, you’ll need to create a pre-save link. Not all streaming services offer pre-save as a native feature in their artist dashboards. That means you’ll need to create them through a smart link platform like Linkfire. Or if you’re signed to a label or distributor, pre-save links may be part of your deal.

When you have your link, it’s ready to include in your promotions across the web. When fans click the link, they’ll be asked to authorize the pre-save. This authorization involves a number of permissions, which let streaming services take action on their behalf.

Once the pre-save is authorized, the fan’s job is done. When release day comes around, the track or album will be added to their library. As for the pre-save link, it will automatically convert to standard smart link (such as Linkfire’s release link).

Common pre-save actions in streaming services

Add track/album to library

You want to be in your fans’ music collections. Whether they’re scrolling through to find a specific song, or hitting shuffle, the music they want to hear again and again is in their libraries.

Pre-saves make it easier to secure your spot, weeks or even months before your music actually drops. By capitalizing on fans’ first wave of attention, you ensure they don’t forget to click that save button on release day.

Follow artist

Why is increasing your follower count important? Well, streaming services automatically promote your new releases by adding it to your followers’ personalized playlists, such as Spotify’s Your Release Radar playlist.

Large follower counts also show streaming services that you’re worth paying attention to. The higher the count, the more likely you are to be recommended and playlisted to a wider audience outside of your followers. That’s why the number of followers often form the basis of labels and music marketers’ campaign KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

All your pre-saves in one link

Get your fans hyped with Linkfire pre-release links.

How does Spotify pre-save work?

When fans select a pre-save service from a Linkfire pre-release link, they’re taken to a permissions page (as shown in the image below). Here they can review the actions that their chosen service can take on their behalf.

If they’ve chosen Spotify, those actions include save track/album to library, or follow artist. They also authorize the collection of some account data, including their email address.

Actions included with Spotify pre-save:

  • Save track to Your Library
  • Save album to Your Library
  • Follow artist
  • View account data

How does Apple Music pre-add work?

While it’s termed pre-add, this Apple Music integration with Linkfire works in the same way as Spotify pre-save. It lets fans authorize the adding of a song or album to their library.

However, unlike Spotify pre-save, pre-add does not include the option for fans to automatically start following an artist.

Actions included with Apple Music pre-add:

  • Add song to Library
  • Add album to Library

How does Deezer pre-save work?

For Deezer users, their library is called Favorites. Deezer pre-save through a Linkfire pre-release link can add tracks or albums to Favorites. Additionally, fans can add artists to Favorites, which is the equivalent of ‘follow’ on Spotify.

Actions includes with Deezer pre-save:

  • Add track to Favorites
  • Add album to Favorites
  • Add artist to Favorites
  • View account data

Why pre-save campaigns are worth your time

Here are just some of the reasons pre-saves are becoming essential features in any music marketing mix.

Build meaningful hype

Music promotion doesn’t start on release day—it begins long before that. Because unless you’re already a household name, a surprise drop isn’t going to work.

There are tried and true ways of building excitement for upcoming releases, such as teaser tracks, giveaways, music videos, and more. And pre-saves are the latest tool in the marketers’ toolkit.

They’re hugely useful because they marry awareness with real action. You can remind someone a hundred times that your track is out next week, but it doesn’t mean they’ll listen to it. With pre-saves, fans are taking that extra step, committing to adding your music to their collection.

Drives streams

Pre-saves can grow your streaming numbers in several ways.

First up, from all those fans who pre-saved your music. When release day comes, they don’t have to hunt around for your record—it’s right there in their library. There’s no risk of them forgetting that it’s out.

Secondly, pre-saves help catch the attention of streaming services, increasing your chances of being playlisted. In choosing tracks to serve to a wider audience, playlists (both algorithmic and human-curated) pick music that’s already performing. It makes sense—there’s no point playlisting a song which no one is listening to in the first place.

So if your pre-save generates you lots of saves and streams on release day, it can land you on playlists like Spotify’s Discover Weekly, which in turn can massively boost your profile.

Gather insights

Like other types of smart links, pre-save links can give you a wealth of data insights into your audience. You can use stats to judge the performance of promotions, and discover how to optimize them going forward.

insights presave

Pre-save data varies between services, but is likely to include figures on the number of visits and click-throughs. Additionally, some services will offer analytics on visitors’ locations, devices, and browsers.

Retarget audiences

If you’re running campaigns around retargeting, it might be possible to create custom audiences with pre-save data. It all depends on whether the service you used to create pre-save links integrates with ad platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. If it does, you may be able to create custom parameters to include in your remarketing data.

At Linkfire for instance, custom parameters include actions triggered when visitors interact with your Linkfire pre-release link.

Invite fans to join your mailing list

When fans authorize pre-saves with some services (currently these include Spotify pre-save and Deezer pre-save), they also grant permission for being notified about the release by email. A good practice is to use that chance for inviting fans to join your mailing list. Email marketing has a higher conversion rate than social, making it a great way to promote new releases, tours, merch, and more.

Appealing incentives such as free merch or a fun competition usually increases newsletter sign-up rates.

How to make a pre-release link in Linkfire

Our pre-release link brings together numerous pre-save services into one smart link. Fans can then choose their preferred service from our current pre-save integrations—Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Making a pre-release in Linkfire is just as easy as our other links. You can customize the landing pages’ artwork and text, and choose which pre-save services you want to activate. And don’t worry if you don’t have your release UPC code or URL yet—this can be added closer to the time of release.

To learn more, check out our Help Center article Creating pre-release links.

Make your first pre-save

Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer pre-saves in one shareable link.

bio link blog hero

If you’re on social media, you’ll be familiar with the phrase “link in bio”. This humble link has quickly become an essential tool for anyone promoting their content online. This article dives into why the link in bio is so important, and how musicians can use it successfully.

What does Link in bio mean?

“Link in bio” is most prominently used on Instagram. That’s because, unlike most other social services, Instagram doesn’t allow the widespread posting of links to other sites. Unless you have over 10k followers, or are a verified user, you can only share one single link anywhere on the platform—in your profile’s bio section.

If you want to route visitors to an external site, you have to direct people to your bio, where they can find the link. Hence “link in bio”.

Link in bio Instagram—how does it work?

Instagram’s one link rule poses certain problems for a lot of its users. For instance, if you’re a musician, you might want to link your followers to your tour dates one week, but then your latest release on streaming services the next.

One solution is to constantly update the link in your bio. But this is time-consuming, and means that all of your previous posts go immediately out of date.

A bio link can solve this problem. When fans click on this type of link, they’re taken to a landing page—a kind of scrollable microsite—full of the content you’re promoting. This could include tour dates, links to your other socials, and options to stream your latest album. You can update this content whenever you want, to keep it fresh and focused on what’s most important to you. So it’s just one link, but it’s always changing!

Image 1
Image 2

How to put a link in Instagram bio

Here’s the steps to take if you want to add a link to your Instagram bio.

Link in bio Instagram tool

Unless you’re a skilled developer, making your own bio link isn’t really an option. So you have to find a tool which does it for you. There are numerous apps and services out there which do just that.

At Linkfire, we offer bio links as part of all our subscriptions. So, as well as bio links, you can create all sorts of other different smart links.

Link in bio Instagram—how to make one

Once you’ve found the tool you want to use, actually creating a bio link should be fairly easy. Generating a link will take no time at all, and then you’ll have the option to customize it. You can then copy the link and paste it into your social bios and profiles.

If you’re using Linkfire, simply click on the green “Create link” button and choose the link type “Bio”. You’ll then be taken to the edit link screen. This is where you can get to customizing! Change up your bio link title, image, and select which sections you want displayed. Once you’re finished, you’re ready to share it on any of your socials and get your fans clicking through!

Get your own bio link

Promote everything you have going on—from releases and gigs, to social pages and merch.

What to promote in a bio link?

This will depend on what industry you’re working in. Every bio link tool is different, but at Linkfire we’ve built a bio link tool optimized for musicians.

Here are the different sections (or “tiles”) which you can customize when you make a bio link tool with us. If you don’t want to include any of these tiles, you can just leave them blank, and they won’t be displayed on your bio link.


This tile takes pride of place on your bio link—right at the top. It’s made to showcase the piece of content that you’re most proud of, and the destination to which you want to drive the most traffic.


Add a maximum of 10 Linkfire release, pre-release, or playlist links. Concentrate on your most recent material, or include older music you’d like new fans to check out.

Image 1
Image 2


Heading out on the road? Give fans an easy way to find the tour date that’s nearest to them. Paste in a Linkfire ticket link to get started.


If you’ve got apparel on a merch store (or your own site), this carousel is the perfect way to display it. Choose images, items names, and your currency of choice.


Everything not covered in the previous sections you can add in here. Add links to your website, blog, socials, articles, and more.

Image 1
Image 2

What to consider when choosing a bio link tool?

There are lots of factors to think about before you pick one bio link service or another.

Design and customization of your bio link

If you want to make your bio link fit to your brand, you need a certain level of customization. This can be everything from the link’s domain, to the header image on the landing page. Be aware that your ability to edit your bio link may also be influenced by which price plan you choose. Free or low-priced bio link tools may come packaged with the service’s branding or advertisements.

Content blocks included in your bio link tool

Not everyone needs the same kind of bio link tool. A fashion influencer won’t be sharing the same kind of things with her followers as a musician. If you are a musical artist, you’ll want a tool that works for the content you’re pushing, such as:

  • New releases—tracks, albums, and EPs
  • Your upcoming tour
  • Merchandise
  • Playlists
  • Your website and other social profiles
  • Reviews or articles about your music

Audience insights

Not only do bio links look great, they can also collect valuable stats about your audience. For anyone promoting content online, learning more about your fans is hugely important when it comes to optimizing your marketing efforts.

Different bio link tools offer varying degrees of analytics. At Linkfire, we’ve been giving our customers the chance to explore their audience Insights for a long time. This applies to our bio links too! That means our bio link analytics are comprehensive and easy-to-navigate. In your bio link Insights dashboard, you can discover a host of stats, from click-through rates to fan locations, and much more.

bio link insights

Integrations with other tools

A bio link that works with other services gives you more options. If you’re promoting an upcoming tour, you’ll need your bio link to integrate with ticket providers. That means that all your tour dates can be displayed beautifully on your landing page, alongside buttons to take users to the right site to purchase tickets.

The fewer integrations a bio link tool has, the more limited its landing page options will be.

Link in bio pricing

It’s a good idea to compare different tools, and what they offer in their subscriptions. Most bio link tools have a free tier, and then paid plans that increase in price the more features that they include. Consider what aspects of bio links will prove valuable for your social media marketing.

Linkfire’s bio links are included in all of our subscription plans. So they can be utilized by everyone from independent artists to more experienced marketers. Check out our Personal price plans.

Want to create a bio link?

Bring together your releases, merch, SoMe profiles, and tours in one customizable and highly scrollable microsite.

Need more answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

01 How to put a clickable link in Instagram bio?
1. Sign in to your Instagram account and click the profile icon in the bottom right of the screen.
2. In your profile page, click “Edit Profile”
3. You’ll see a field called “Website.” This is where you add your link.
02 How to find a link in bio
So you’ve clicked on a post in Instagram and you see the words “link in bio” in the image caption. So where is the link in bio exactly? You’ll need to head to the poster’s profile.
1 . Click on the poster’s username. This can be found above the post’s image—alongside the user’s profile icon. It’s also at the beginning of the post’s caption, in bold.
2. Once you’re on their profile, you’ll see their bio section, just below their username. This typically contains a description, as well as contact information, and maybe even some hashtags and emojis. At the bottom of the bio section, you’ll see a clickable link. This is the famous “link in bio!”

What is a smartlink? 

The online world is built on links, Short for ‘hyperlink’, a link takes you from one place on the web to another—from a to b. Smart links offer up far more possibilities. Instead of directing visitors to just one site or page, they can take them to multiple different destinations. 

For anyone promoting music in the digital age, smart links solve a lot of problems. Audiences across the globe are listening to music through hundreds of different services and apps. One single smart link can reach them all, giving them an experience tailored to their individual needs.

How does a smart link work?

The way a smartlink serves every visitor who clicks through is by taking them to a landing page. This is a microsite which offers the visitors the choice of where to go next. 

Let’s imagine you’re promoting your latest single. You announce the release with a Facebook post, and include a link to the song on streaming. But which streaming site do you pick? Using a regular link, you can only choose one, but your audience streams your music through many different services.

When using a Linkfire smart link, fans are directed to a landing page featuring numerous streaming services to choose from. This makes the experience better for them, while increasing your potential number of streams. 

Features of smart link

So what are the elements that make a smart link so…well, smart?

Customizable music landing page

customizable music landing page

It’s easy to align smart links with your style. Most parts of the landing page are generated automatically when the link is generated, but they can all be customized to fit your needs. You can change up:

  • The artwork
  • The text
  • Featured video or audio snippets
  • The list of services

Powerful automation

Just because smart links do more than regular links, that doesn’t mean they’re more difficult to make. A smart link platform does all the heavy lifting, automatically scanning for music matches across services. At Linkfire we give our customers the option to choose from over 250 music services and retailers.

This means you don’t have to input links to all your release on these services, one-by-one. The smart link app will also automatically create the links’ landing pages and social cards (the page previews which load on social when you share a link). 

Users themselves can adjust the parameters of the process, giving them full control over link creation with none of the workload.

Detailed audience insights

fan link data

A smartlink can tell you a lot about your fanbase. It collects data points for every visitor who clicks through, giving you the chance to build a detailed portrait of your audience’s locations, listening habits, apps of choice, and much more. How deep you go into these analytics is up to you. But it’s important to find a smart link tool which presents these stats in a clear, easy-to-navigate way.

Audience insights are crucial for optimizing the way you promote your music online. They can also help you make decisions around touring or even in what direction to take your songwriting.

Customizable domains

With a smart link, you have the freedom to add your own personalized domain or subdomain. 

Normal links are often long and composed of random letters and numbers. Edited with your own domain, smart links fit perfectly into your brand. Their low character count also makes them far more shareable across the web, and they appear more trustworthy to visitors.

Smart links for music

There’s different smart links to choose from, depending on what exactly you’re promoting. They’re all customizable, highly shareable, and collect invaluable audience data.

Song link or release link

This is the link to choose if you want to promote a single track, album, or EP. They can also be used for sharing podcasts.

Pre-release link

It’s now more important than ever to build momentum for an upcoming release. This way you can maximise your streaming numbers on the day of release. 

With a pre-release link, fans authorize streaming services to add a track or album to their music library the moment it goes live. It also collects their email addresses, which you can then add to your mailing list. 

Linkfire pre-release links work with Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook Messenger, and Deezer. 

Playlist link

Playlists are an increasingly popular way of consuming music. That’s why being featured on a major playlist can be a turning point for artists. Learn how to create a smart playlist link.

Tour promotion link

smart tour promotion

Promoting concerts can get complicated very quickly. Dates in different countries are often sold through different ticket providers. Added to this, your fans need to be kept up to speed with any venue changes or cancellations. 

A ticket link routes fans to the concert closest to them, no matter where they are in the world. And it only takes a moment to update your links when your schedule changes.  Learn more about smart tour promotion.

Fan link

Across the music industry, there are different terms used for a smart link. These include fan link, song link, and music link. At Linkfire, we prefer to stick to smart link, but all of these names mean more or less the same thing — a type of link that makes for smarter music promotion online.

How to create a smart link for music

If you’re ready to create a smartlink, you’ll need to sign up to a smart link platform. There are lots of different ones out there, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Smart link

It’s a good idea to compare the features that smart link apps and platforms have on offer. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Link types: You’ll need a different type of smart link depending on the content you’re promoting. Make sure the platform you choose supports the link types you’ll need (e.g. tour promotion links for concerts, pre-release links for pre-saves and pre-adds).
  • Usability: How easy is it to actually use the platform? If you’re an independent artist, you’ll probably be the one creating links, so you don’t want a platform that’s been designed for experienced digital marketers. 
  • Type of insights: There are many different data points to collect through smart links, from click-through rates to conversions. Not every platform will offer the same depth of audience analytics. 
  • Price: You don’t want to pay for features that you don’t need. Many platforms offer a free tier, while more advanced features will be included in paid plans.

Your smart link is ready to post anywhere, from social to email newsletters. And once you’ve shared it with the world, your insights let you explore its performance.

At Linkfire, we have plans to fit everyone, from independent artists to major labels. Hit the button below to start creating smart links today!

Ready to start smart linking?

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