August Roundup

Here’s your monthly roundup of Linkfire’s latest news and updates. August saw us push a pretty major update to territory management, which we hope makes your work in-app easier. Read on for more info and to find out what else we’ve been up to.

Business Feature Update

Improved territory management

It’s now simpler to manage service destinations and apply bulk actions across all or some territories. Easily add/remove individual territories or entire regions with the new “add/remove all” directly from the landing page customizer, and change active/inactive status of each service with just one click.

Music Industry Conference

Sandbox Summit Global

This year’s Sandbox Summit Global is completely online and completely free! Presented by Music Ally, and supported by Linkfire, this online music marketing conference is a must for anyone in the industry who wants to learn about building audiences and engaging fans digitally. Running September 21 – 25.


Customer Story – Independent Artist Fjer

“I’d recommend Linkfire as a way to promote all your stuff. It helps independent artists do what the labels are doing.”

Learn how independent artist Fjer scales her marketing with Linkfire.

New Blog

[Blog] How to market your music independently?

Independent artists today have seemingly endless ways of reaching fans on social, email, and more. But self-promotion is still no walk in the park. From electronic press kits to newsletters, here are 7 easy tips that can help you market your music.

Tools & Tips

Feature highlight: Bio links

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your social
media bios with our latest link type bio links. Linkfire bio links bring together your releases, merch, social media profiles, and tours in one shareable link. It’s perfect for places where you have to make one link count, like your social bios.

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July Roundup

Here’s your monthly recap of Linkfire’s latest news and updates. July’s highlights included a new integration with TikTok, and blog posts with tips for using pre-save and bio links. 

New Blog

[Blog] 5 Bio links we love

The Artist Bio link brings together all your promotions in one personalized microsite. Wondering how it can help your music marketing? We’ve collected some examples to inspire you, including Jason Mraz and Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Blair St. Clair.

New BLog

[Blog] Pre-save campaigns explained

You can remind someone a hundred times that your track is out next week, but it doesn’t mean they’ll listen to it. With pre-saves, fans are taking that extra step, committing to adding your music to their collection. Learn more in our latest blog post about how pre-save campaigns help build momentum for your upcoming tracks and albums, and maximize reach once your new music drops.

Feature Update

TikTok Use My Sound

Encourage fans to use your music in their TikTok videos by adding TikTok Use My Sound to your links and landing pages. Fans will get direct access to the music in TikTok and can instantly use it in their own videos on the platform.

New presentation

[Video] Linkfire presentation at MUdaL

New to Linkfire or looking for a refresher? Get an overview of Linkfire’s different link types or some tips for maximizing your marketing with Linkfire’s tools and analytics. Check out this talk given by our co-founder and CCO Jeppe Faurfelt at online music conference MUdal.

Business Feature

Overview of retargeting integrations

Linkfire supports several integrations for collecting retargeting information from your fans. But navigating all the different IDs isn’t always easy. To help you out, we’ve made a list of our most popular retargeting integrations, along with examples of pixel IDs and links to more information.

Bio Link Competition

Participate in the contest and win a free year on a Linkfire Business Essential subscription!


  • Create a bio link and add it to your social profiles.
  • Enter the contest.
  • Get at least 100 visitors to your bio link.

A Linkfire bio link brings together all your content into one shareable link. It’s perfect for places where you have to make one link count, like your social bios. Artists can promote releases, tours, merch, and more. But bio links also make sense for creatives and companies in other fields, from authors and influencers to football teams!

Since launching bio link, we’ve been excited to see how Linkfire customers have made it their own. We’ve collected 5 of our favorite examples—hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

If you want to learn more about bio links, check out Link in bio – What is it and how does it work?

1. Esprit D’Air

Formed a decade ago, Esprit D’Air are one of the shining lights of Japanese rock. The breadth of their catalogue is evident in their bio link. In the Music section, fans can click through to all of their albums, EPs, and singles (all of which feature stunning artwork). 

We love the atmospheric photo of lead singer Kai which graces their Tickets section, while their Follow button encourages fans to like them on numerous social and streaming services. 

➡️ https://bio.to/espritdair

2. Blair St. Clair

Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Blair St. Clair spotlights a great cause with her bio link. During lockdown, she called for fans to join her watch party for All-Stars season 5, with proceeds from the first episode going to The Black Trans Protestor’s Fund.

Blair’s diverse number of projects (music, live shows, merch) can all get their share of attention with a bio link, meaning she doesn’t have to choose to promote one over another. We’re also big fans of her creative copy—her store section is called “Blair’s Wear.”

➡️ https://bio.to/BlairStClair

We love Linkfire’s artist bio link! Our artists have a million things going on at once, and the bio link makes it so much easier to have them all on one place.

Ryan Aceto, Talent Manager, Producer Entertainment Group

3. Music Ally

Our good friends over at Music Ally have a lot of stuff going on. The music industry consultancy holds an annual music conference called Sandbox Summit, which draws together industry figures from around the world. They’ve reserved the Promoted section of their bio link to champion the event, using the call-to-action button to direct people through to their event registration page.

➡️ https://musically.lnk.to/More

4. Jason Mraz

The ‘I’m Yours’ hitmaker makes great use of the Favorites section in his Bio Link. Titled appropriately Resources, it includes a wealth of different information for Mraz fans to get their teeth into. There’s a link to an Omaze competition (to win a day on his ranch with the great man himself) and a link to Mraz’s foundation.

It’s a great reminder that bio links don’t have to focus on new releases.

➡️ https://jasonmraz.lnk.to/linkinbio

5. Sutton United FC

Bio links were created with musicians in mind, but they’re also great for other industries. Look no further than England’s Sutton United FC for a good example.

The English National League football team (who finished 9th in the 2019/2020 season) employ a bio link as a hub for all their content. Up top, they link to a video of seasons’ goals, while further down, fans can scroll through the different ticket options. #AmberAndProud

➡️ https://bio.to/SuttonUnited

(Bonus) Linkfire

So how do we use our own bio link? Well, we aren’t releasing music (not yet anyway) so our bio link highlights our latest news. Our partnership with Deezer takes pride of place in the Promoted section, while we share other stories and product updates further down.

We’ve also used the Store section to display our different pricing plans. While it makes sense for artists to show off their merch, the Store section works just as well for other types of businesses or service providers.

➡️ https://bio.to/linkfire

Want your own bio link?

All your content in one highly shareable link. Included in all Linkfire plans.


June Roundup

Here’s your monthly recap of Linkfire’s latest news and updates. We’ve been busy in June, with the launch of two streaming partnerships, a brand new link type, and Black Lives Matter integrations.

New Feature

Artist Bio link

The Artist Bio link brings together all your promotions in one personalized microsite. Drive fans to your releases, merch, SoMe profiles, tours, and more, all with one shareable link. It’s perfect for your social bios! This brand new link type is part of all Linkfire subscriptions.

New Partnerships

Deezer and iHeartRadio Streaming Insights

Deezer and iHeartRadio join our list of existing data partners—providing streaming data from their services directly in your Linkfire Insights. Learn what actions fans take after clicking on a Linkfire smart link, such as playing a song, or adding it to their library or a playlist. These insights are essential to inform ROI on spend and evaluate ongoing campaigns to reach more fans.

Feature Update

Black Lives Matter Integrations

In support of Black Lives Matter, we’re adding integrations with some important organizations. This means you can include them as destinations to your landing pages. Check out this landing page of all the integrations we currently have. We’ll be adding more on an ongoing basis. This is a continued effort in our support to defeat racial injustice and fight for equality. We will be announcing more initiatives soon.

New Blog

[Blog] Music Analytics 101

A new guide to the music industry’s top data sources and music analytics tools. In the digital age, music promotion is becoming increasingly data-driven. Fans connect to music across dozens of different platforms and sites—from streaming services to social media—and all these touchpoints provide a richer picture of an artist’s listenership. This blog explores how you can make sense of all these fan insights with music analytics tools.


Customer Success Story – Prime Collective

“I would recommend Linkfire to anyone who wants to look professional in the eyes of the industry.” Why Denmark’s biggest metal label Prime Collective uses Linkfire to promote its roster.

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May Roundup

This month comes with an improved navigation sidebar, as well as several smaller feature updates. Changes that enable you to create links and explore insights easier than ever. 

Smoother Navigation

You might have noticed that the top navigation and sidebar menu have been combined into one. This new navigation is always available from any section and offers smoother access to link creation and search.

The update comes with a renaming of your “Board Insights” to “Reports,” while Insights at link level remain “Insights”.

More Insights at Link Level

Quickly access top channels, countries, and services with the new summary function in your Link Insights. Scroll down to find the new “Devices” section. Here you can learn more about your visitor’s use of device types, operating systems, and browsers, and optimize your content to fit it.

Rescan by Service

Perform an immediate scan of one specific service by clicking the new circular arrow to the left of the “Default” territory. This is useful if you want to rescan one service with a different source URL. For example, scanning Amazon CD & Vinyl for a particular box set. Just put the new source in “Default” and then click “Rescan now”.


Easily Highlight or Remove Territories

You’ll now find a trash can icon next to your territories. This enables you to remove territories for a specific link directly when customizing the landing page. You’ll also find that any territory starred as “Favorite” in your board settings is the default territory when you open the landing page customizer.


Export Channel Links

Want an easy overview of your links with all channels added—look no further. Now you can export all channel links directly when copying your link.