If you’re promoting your music online, smart links are a must. With one single link, you can route your fans across the globe to their favorite services, whether they’re streaming your music, buy your merch, or booking tickets for your tour. And you collect valuable audience data along the way. 

Once you’ve created a smart link, the next step is sharing it for your fans to click through. But where are the best places to post it?
Well, smart links work everywhere across the web. Check out our guide for where to feature smart link.

Social Profiles

IG Feature

When visitors land on your social profiles, your bio section is one of the first places they look. Your Instagram bio, Facebook ‘About’ page, and Youtube channel description tell the world what you’re all about. That makes them the perfect places for promotion!

Linkfire Bio Links make it easy. Create a smart url, and you can take fans to a stylish microsite, home to all your content—link to music, tour dates, profiles, and more! It’s fully customizable and you can update the content whenever you want. So no more swapping out your link in bio! 
Learn more in our article Link in bio—what is it and what does it mean?

Social posts

Feature FB

When it comes to social media, there’s a huge variety of content you can share. It can be sorted into roughly two categories, and it’s a good idea to draw from both.

The first is promotional posts, which are plugging your latest release, tour, merch, or playlist. Don’t be shy about marketing yourself. If you’re hoping to build a career, you need to be confident in selling your product. At the same time, too much self-promotion can be off-putting for your followers. 

That’s where the second type of posts come in—brand building or community building posts. This is content that engages your fans at a more human level and shows off your personality. It could be a video from backstage at a show; a cover of a classic track you love; photos from band rehearsals. 

Whatever type of content your posting, smart links fit right in. Try to always feature smart links and give fans the chance to continue their journey into your music. 
For more tips on social media marketing, check out our article How to promote your music on social media.

YouTube video description

Feature Youtube

Did you know that the description under a YouTube video is crucially important? Youtube’s algorithm determines what your video is about through its description, and a good one can boost your video in the YouTube search rankings. It’s all about providing extra value to Youtube users. 

One way to do this is to include links to relevant content. By adding a Linkfire link to your description, you can give your video watchers plenty of options: Link to music on streaming or your Facebook profile.

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Soundcloud track description

Feature Soundcloud

Soundcloud is the place to experiment. Unlike other streaming services, you don’t need a distributor to get your music on the platform, so it’s great for sharing demos, remixes, and ideas with your fans. But once you’ve hooked their attention, don’t lose it! 

Feature smart links in your Soundcloud track description, and take listeners through to the rest of your online presence. If you are posting a different version of a track, why not link to music like the original version on streaming services? Or take them to your merch store.

Website widget

Feature Widget

If you have a website, and you’d like to feature smart links, you can transform it into an eye-catching widget instead! Linkfire widget types include the showcase widget, which displays the music’s artwork and a play button. Or you can choose the clickthrough widget, which features a list of services for visitors to choose from (much like a Release link landing page). 

To get your widget, you’ll need to add a small bit of HTML to your site. For all the details, read our Embed a Linkfire widget on your site article.

Email newsletters

Feature email

Fans in your mailing list are one of your most valuable audiences. Why? Because they’ve taken an active step to sign up for your latest news—your email lands right in their inboxes. It’s a much more direct line of communication than social posts, which can get lost in the endless scroll of their feeds. 

Reserve your email newsletters for the important stuff. Create a smart url and add it to your emails to keep fans updated on new releases, merch, and tours. 

There are two elements of emails you should pay special attention to: 

The subject line: Your subject line has to convince recipients your email is worth reading. Make it exciting and personal so it catches fans’ attention. And keep it short—if they’re checking their email on mobile, they’ll only see the first 33-43 characters. 

The CTA (call-to-action): This is the link in the newsletter you want fans to click on. Put it near the top of the email, and make sure the button text is clear about what happens next, e.g. “Listen here” or “Book tour dates.”


Feature reddit

Reddit is among the most popular sites in the world. It’s composed of millions of forums called subreddits, covering every topic imaginable, including many devoted to music. Some of these music-focused subreddits welcome artists sharing their own material—one of the most popular is r/listentothis. 

Reddit is a great place to feature smart link and receive feedback, but just be aware that not all the reactions to your music may be positive.

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A Linkfire bio link brings together all your content into one shareable link. It’s perfect for places where you have to make one link count, like your social bios. Artists can promote releases, tours, merch, and more. But bio links also make sense for creatives and companies in other fields, from authors and influencers to football teams!

Since launching bio link, we’ve been excited to see how Linkfire customers have made it their own. We’ve collected 5 of our favorite examples—hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

If you want to learn more about bio links, check out Link in bio – What is it and how does it work?

1. Esprit D’Air

Formed a decade ago, Esprit D’Air are one of the shining lights of Japanese rock. The breadth of their catalogue is evident in their bio link. In the Music section, fans can click through to all of their albums, EPs, and singles (all of which feature stunning artwork). 

We love the atmospheric photo of lead singer Kai which graces their Tickets section, while their Follow button encourages fans to like them on numerous social and streaming services. 

➡️ https://bio.to/espritdair

2. Blair St. Clair

Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Blair St. Clair spotlights a great cause with her bio link. During lockdown, she called for fans to join her watch party for All-Stars season 5, with proceeds from the first episode going to The Black Trans Protestor’s Fund.

Blair’s diverse number of projects (music, live shows, merch) can all get their share of attention with a bio link, meaning she doesn’t have to choose to promote one over another. We’re also big fans of her creative copy—her store section is called “Blair’s Wear.”

➡️ https://bio.to/BlairStClair

We love Linkfire’s artist bio link! Our artists have a million things going on at once, and the bio link makes it so much easier to have them all on one place.

Ryan Aceto, Talent Manager, Producer Entertainment Group

3. Music Ally

Our good friends over at Music Ally have a lot of stuff going on. The music industry consultancy holds an annual music conference called Sandbox Summit, which draws together industry figures from around the world. They’ve reserved the Promoted section of their bio link to champion the event, using the call-to-action button to direct people through to their event registration page.

➡️ https://musically.lnk.to/More

4. Jason Mraz

The ‘I’m Yours’ hitmaker makes great use of the Favorites section in his Bio Link. Titled appropriately Resources, it includes a wealth of different information for Mraz fans to get their teeth into. There’s a link to an Omaze competition (to win a day on his ranch with the great man himself) and a link to Mraz’s foundation.

It’s a great reminder that bio links don’t have to focus on new releases.

➡️ https://jasonmraz.lnk.to/linkinbio

5. Sutton United FC

Bio links were created with musicians in mind, but they’re also great for other industries. Look no further than England’s Sutton United FC for a good example.

The English National League football team (who finished 9th in the 2019/2020 season) employ a bio link as a hub for all their content. Up top, they link to a video of seasons’ goals, while further down, fans can scroll through the different ticket options. #AmberAndProud

➡️ https://bio.to/SuttonUnited

(Bonus) Linkfire

So how do we use our own bio link? Well, we aren’t releasing music (not yet anyway) so our bio link highlights our latest news. Our partnership with Deezer takes pride of place in the Promoted section, while we share other stories and product updates further down.

We’ve also used the Store section to display our different pricing plans. While it makes sense for artists to show off their merch, the Store section works just as well for other types of businesses or service providers.

➡️ https://bio.to/linkfire

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What is a smartlink? 

The online world is built on links, Short for ‘hyperlink’, a link takes you from one place on the web to another—from a to b. Smart links offer up far more possibilities. Instead of directing visitors to just one site or page, they can take them to multiple different destinations. 

For anyone promoting music in the digital age, smart links solve a lot of problems. Audiences across the globe are listening to music through hundreds of different services and apps. One single smart link can reach them all, giving them an experience tailored to their individual needs.

How does a smart link work?

The way a smartlink serves every visitor who clicks through is by taking them to a landing page. This is a microsite which offers the visitors the choice of where to go next. 

Let’s imagine you’re promoting your latest single. You announce the release with a Facebook post, and include a link to the song on streaming. But which streaming site do you pick? Using a regular link, you can only choose one, but your audience streams your music through many different services.

When using a Linkfire smart link, fans are directed to a landing page featuring numerous streaming services to choose from. This makes the experience better for them, while increasing your potential number of streams. 

Features of smart link

So what are the elements that make a smart link so…well, smart?

Customizable music landing page

customizable music landing page

It’s easy to align smart links with your style. Most parts of the landing page are generated automatically when the link is generated, but they can all be customized to fit your needs. You can change up:

  • The artwork
  • The text
  • Featured video or audio snippets
  • The list of services

Powerful automation

Just because smart links do more than regular links, that doesn’t mean they’re more difficult to make. A smart link platform does all the heavy lifting, automatically scanning for music matches across services. At Linkfire we give our customers the option to choose from over 250 music services and retailers.

This means you don’t have to input links to all your release on these services, one-by-one. The smart link app will also automatically create the links’ landing pages and social cards (the page previews which load on social when you share a link). 

Users themselves can adjust the parameters of the process, giving them full control over link creation with none of the workload.

Detailed audience insights

fan link data

A smartlink can tell you a lot about your fanbase. It collects data points for every visitor who clicks through, giving you the chance to build a detailed portrait of your audience’s locations, listening habits, apps of choice, and much more. How deep you go into these analytics is up to you. But it’s important to find a smart link tool which presents these stats in a clear, easy-to-navigate way.

Audience insights are crucial for optimizing the way you promote your music online. They can also help you make decisions around touring or even in what direction to take your songwriting.

Customizable domains

With a smart link, you have the freedom to add your own personalized domain or subdomain. 

Normal links are often long and composed of random letters and numbers. Edited with your own domain, smart links fit perfectly into your brand. Their low character count also makes them far more shareable across the web, and they appear more trustworthy to visitors.

Smart links for music

There’s different smart links to choose from, depending on what exactly you’re promoting. They’re all customizable, highly shareable, and collect invaluable audience data.

Song link or release link

This is the link to choose if you want to promote a single track, album, or EP. They can also be used for sharing podcasts.

Pre-release link

It’s now more important than ever to build momentum for an upcoming release. This way you can maximise your streaming numbers on the day of release. 

With a pre-release link, fans authorize streaming services to add a track or album to their music library the moment it goes live. It also collects their email addresses, which you can then add to your mailing list. 

Linkfire pre-release links work with Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook Messenger, and Deezer. 

Playlist link

Playlists are an increasingly popular way of consuming music. That’s why being featured on a major playlist can be a turning point for artists. Learn how to create a smart playlist link.

Tour promotion link

smart tour promotion

Promoting concerts can get complicated very quickly. Dates in different countries are often sold through different ticket providers. Added to this, your fans need to be kept up to speed with any venue changes or cancellations. 

A ticket link routes fans to the concert closest to them, no matter where they are in the world. And it only takes a moment to update your links when your schedule changes.  Learn more about smart tour promotion.

Fan link

Across the music industry, there are different terms used for a smart link. These include fan link, song link, and music link. At Linkfire, we prefer to stick to smart link, but all of these names mean more or less the same thing — a type of link that makes for smarter music promotion online.

How to create a smart link for music

If you’re ready to create a smartlink, you’ll need to sign up to a smart link platform. There are lots of different ones out there, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Smart link

It’s a good idea to compare the features that smart link apps and platforms have on offer. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Link types: You’ll need a different type of smart link depending on the content you’re promoting. Make sure the platform you choose supports the link types you’ll need (e.g. tour promotion links for concerts, pre-release links for pre-saves and pre-adds).
  • Usability: How easy is it to actually use the platform? If you’re an independent artist, you’ll probably be the one creating links, so you don’t want a platform that’s been designed for experienced digital marketers. 
  • Type of insights: There are many different data points to collect through smart links, from click-through rates to conversions. Not every platform will offer the same depth of audience analytics. 
  • Price: You don’t want to pay for features that you don’t need. Many platforms offer a free tier, while more advanced features will be included in paid plans.

Your smart link is ready to post anywhere, from social to email newsletters. And once you’ve shared it with the world, your insights let you explore its performance.

At Linkfire, we have plans to fit everyone, from independent artists to major labels. Hit the button below to start creating smart links today!

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